10 Most Boring WWE Wrestlers Of 2015

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WWE's dealt with a lot of problems in 2015, but none is more damaging to the company's bottom line than the fact that fans seem less invested in the product that ever before. Every episode of Raw makes it more and more evident that the vast majority of the company's superstars simply aren't connecting, and even Pay-Per-View shows unfold before largely silent audiences. This was particularly sad at TLC, where brutal chairshots and dangerous bumps were often met with apathy. It's been said many times, but it's true - the lion's share of the blame falls on the creative team, who, either due to incompetence or strict edicts, have been unable to create characters in whom fans feel an investment, and then book innovative storylines with those characters. As a result, the number of full-time wrestlers who consistently get good reactions can literally be counted on one hand. Then again, not all of the wrestlers are blameless. While companies like New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor do their best to find the world's most exciting talent, WWE has a huge roster to pad out, and sometimes, politics edges out pure ability and charisma when it comes to whom the company hires and pushes. Often, there's a perfect confluence - wrestlers are booked poorly and they don't show that spark that connects them to fans. Here are 10 such WWE superstars, the most boring wrestlers of 2015...
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