10 Most Controversial Wrestlers Of 2017

The veiny, the vain, and the vultures.

Shane McMahon Triple H

"If [WWE Match X] took place in the Tokyo Dome, Dave Meltzer would award it five stars."

Dave Meltzer was the most controversial wrestling figure of 2017.

He set his stall out spectacularly early by showering Kazuchika Okada Vs. Kenny Omega, from NJPW Wrestle Kingdom XI, with a stupendous six-star rating - a move that enraged WWE loyalists, the vast majority of whom wouldn't have seen it. And yet, with no frame of reference themselves, they accused Big Dave of bias. It's misinformed, as well as ironic; Meltzer went years and years without awarding the full ***** rating to New Japan; prior to 2012, no Japanese match, at all, received the maximum for eight years. This gap coincided with a downturn in the popularity of puroresu, true, but that isn't necessarily prohibitive. PWG, the recipient of three ***** matches in the last two years, is a very niche promotion. It's also ironic that Meltzer often overrates WWE matches too much for the liking of some, and yet is accused of underrating them by a certain pocket of WWE apologists.

What's more ironic is that those who hate Meltzer for dominating the wrestling media only serve to mythologise him by creaking out these terrible takes.

As for the actual wrestlers...

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