10 Most Controversial Wrestling Match Finishes Ever

Can create cash. Often makes a hash.

Joe Hendry Mexico World Cup
Oli Sandler / The Ringside Perspective

If you're to believe a certain silver-haired former general manager and one-time mobile meat merchant, controversy creates cash (or more specifically, "ca$h").

As Eric Bischoff attested, wrestling has raked in a tidy profit as a consequence of controversy - whether by artifice or by accident. Many of the industry's highlights are an imbroglio of high drama, talking points which glued eyes to the screen and suffocated box-offices. Talk may be cheap, but its golden when magnified by the thousands.

Often, it's the finish of a match which gets gossip into gear. On more than one occasion in wrestling's rich history, savvy bookers have taken advantage of its status as a pseudo-sport to engineer an outcome leaving piqued punters asking: "was that supposed to happen?" Brock Lesnar bashing Randy Orton's skull open with his elbow springs to mind.

Sometimes, this ambiguity is by error. When Batista and John Cena clumsily crashed to the ground at Royal Rumble 2005, a predictably tedious ending suddenly became a fascinating - albeit farcical - one.

And then there are those times when it is impossible to know either way. Just over a week ago, Joe Hendry bested Martin Kirby for the WCPW title after an apparent concussion, with many fans appalled the match wasn't stopped. But was the controversy all part of the script? Had fans been cleverly worked in the great pro-wrestling tradition?

Of course, controversy can just lead to chaos. Whatever the circumstances though - if not cash - it always creates comment.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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