10 Most Controversial Wrestling People Of 2018

10. Angel O Demonio

Estrellas del Ring

After apparently receiving a string of stiff chair shots from opponent Cuervo during a match in Mexico's Lucha Memes/Lucha Libre Boom crossover show, Angel o Demonio delivered a brutal receipt - in the shape of a bloody brick.

As Cuervo was pottering around on the outside, Demonio hurled a cinder block at his rival's head. It smashed in two, smashing Cuervo's head in the process. The Puerto Rican was quickly rushed to hospital with a fractured skull.

The Mexico City Boxing and Wrestling Committee immediately acted to suspend Demonio indefinitely, whilst promoters Hector Herrera and Juan Meija faced a hearing over how such an extreme match could take place in a state explicitly forbidding them. 'Death match' or not, this was a straight up criminal assault. Anything but a complete blackballing from the industry for Demonio would be an outrage.

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