10 Most Controversial Wrestling Shows Of All Time

The shows must go off.


If WWE actually go ahead with their Crown Jewel show come November - and all the murmurings coming out of the company suggest they will - then it'll go down as surely their most problematic pay-per-view of all time.

And to think, they only set the last record back in April. That's a level of bungling ineptitude that's almost admirable.

It's not like everybody outside of Riyadh didn't warn WWE of the potential pitfalls of their partnership with the Saudi General Sports Authority either. Even before the full, grim picture materialised during the female-free Greatest Royal Rumble agitprop, commentators made clear the risks the company was taking in become paid mouthpieces for the repressive regime.

Now the proverbial's really hit the fan, and anything but a full withdrawal from the deal will result in brand suicide. Perhaps it won't matter. $450 million is probably enough to prop a business up even without any consumers.

Depressingly, we all know which way they'll go. Crown Jewel will soon become the jewel in the crown of the shows where they just should have said "no". These are the ones it beat into first place.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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