10 Most Damaging Figures In The History Of Wrestling

Appetite for destruction.


WWE's near-total market share of the professional wrestling landscape is as much an indictment of their former competitors than it is a testament of their own quality.

The apportionment of power in the cable TV era of wrestling has often been completely baffling. The heavily-financed WCW was inept years before Vince Russo was handed the booking pencil - so much so that a lower level Pizza Hut executive was once installed to oversee it. Vince Russo had a major hand in killing the company for good in the year 2000 - Judy Bagwell On A Forklift matches will do that - so what did new TNA president Dixie Carter do, when she was appointed president of TNA in 2003?

Give Russo the confidence vote and allow him to make a nonsensical mockery of the only promotion vaguely equipped to challenge WWE's monopoly, of course. It's the hope that kills you. Paul Heyman was once seriously considered (and had a serious interest in) overseeing TNA's creative. It didn't happen. The Russo nightmare continued to bleed out into the daylight for years.

It's no wonder the mainstream wrestling landscape is a synonym of WWE. Great wrestling minds have rarely been handed the keys to the kingdom. It also doesn't help that great wrestling minds are all too often their own worst enemy.


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