10 Most Damaging WWE Defeats

There's no getting up from that.


It's arguable that, in the world of professional wrestling, the outcome of a match doesn't really matter, in the grand scheme of things.

After all, outcomes are - and this might be shocking to some - predetermined. Whether a given performer is allowed to keep their opponent's shoulders down for a three count is less a reflection of their ability in the ring than it is how much they are valued backstage.

That said, no-one likes a loser. If popularity among the audience is what counts for up-and-coming young wrestlers, then they need to rack up a solid amount of victories - otherwise, they risk being written off as a perennial mid-carder for whom the brass ring is ever so slightly out of reach.

It follows that defeats must therefore be important too. Losing at the wrong time, to the wrong opponent, or under the wrong circumstances can be hugely damaging to a wrestler's career - particularly in WWE, where it can seldom be said that both parties come out of a match with credit.

To avoid this in the future, perhaps they should draw a page from the playbook of NJPW, a company which appears to have mastered exactly how to keep winner and loser looking almost indistinguishably strong...