10 Most Disappointing WWE World Title Reigns

With so much competition that there isn't even a spot for the Great Khali!


Back at WrestleMania 33, Randy Orton defeated Bray Wyatt to win his 13th WWE Championship. Just seven weeks later, and after failing to successfully defend the belt one single time, he was dethroned by Jinder Mahal, who himself had one of the worst win-loss records in the company at the time.

Safe to say, it all made for a rather disappointing title run.

Still, Orton isn’t alone in having the kind of world title reign that just doesn’t deliver the goods - not by a long shot.

Plenty of names, including some of the biggest in the company, have endured some fairly forgettable times as champion, and for all sorts of reasons - whether it be injuries, bad timing or simply a lack of support from the powers that be.

Rather than simply focusing on the shortest or the most puzzling world title reigns, we’re talking exclusively about those reigns that could, and should, have delivered so much but instead left us feeling rather let down. And as touched upon earlier, sometimes that’s due to factors outside of the individual’s control, as our first entry very much proves…

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