10 Most Disastrous Wrestling Heel Turns

When good men go bad.


There's a nasty rumour doing the rounds at the moment that WWE officials, in their infinite wisdom, are about to turn perennial fan favourite Bayley into a heel for the first time in her career.

Predictably, most of the internet has reacted to this news with confusion. Though her character has suffered as the result of poor booking over recent months, The Huggable One remains one of the company's most marketable figures on account of her enduring popularity among younger fans.

Even setting merchandise sales aside, it seems frankly impossible to imagine her batting for the side of evil. She's practically the female equivalent of Daniel Bryan: so damn likeable that, even if you heard about her throwing kittens into a swimming pool, you'd probably say they had it coming.

All of this is to imply that transitioning Bayley into a bad girl has the potential to go very wrong (at least if you classify fans not booing her as "very wrong"). And there's plenty of precedent here: wrestling history is awash with examples of heel turns that just never quite caught on...

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