10 Most Divisive Figures In Wrestling History

Fight(ing amongst ourselves) Forever.


The Internet Wrestling Community (IWC) is a contradiction, in and of itself; you can hardly label it a community, when one argument in support of a performer often, sadly, results in grim homophobic slurs. "You like Roman Reigns? Then bend over for him, f*ggot!"

There is no common cultural heritage within it because we can't even agree on what wrestling itself is. Is it a spot of fun and thus immune to serious critique, or a genuine art form? What matters more: the promo or the match? The IWC, as amorphous as it is, does exist in some form. We crudely and heatedly debate the minutiae of the wrestling industry on a daily basis, often because those who comprise it inspire it. These ten men, throughout history, are those who have sparked it more than most. There is no Terry Funk here, a man as genuine as he is legendary. There is no Daniel Bryan, wrestling's own Tom Hanks - an everyman as talented as he is relatable. Conversely, there is no Bill DeMott, who we can all probably agree is not very nice. No, this feature is the preserve of the men who mix(ed) our emotions and inspired endless Keyboard Death Matches.

The debate will likely rage on forevermore, but one thing is certain, at least: if these fellas didn't have something about them, we wouldn't care.

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