10 Most Godawful Celebrity Cameos In Wrestling History

That star power must run on D batteries.


At their finest, celebrities that storm through the world of sports entertainment draw a wider audience to the product, while contributing their unique personalities and special flair. At their worst, they infuriate die-hard wrestling fans, embarrass the company, and push casual fans away even further.

Unfortunately, the majority of celebrity appearances in the wrestling ring have resulted in the latter. They typically just come in, promote whatever rubbish project they're shilling, and turn the whole situation into a joke.

And look, it's not as if wrestling is a particularly serious business to begin with, but the least they could do is play along with the rules we all agree to abide by as wrestling fans. That means that a middle-aged talk show host should not be able to come in off the street and lay waste to someone twice his size.

In Vince McMahon's (and during his WCW days, Eric Bischoff's) eyes, however, it's better to scrounge up whatever mainstream media recognition can be garnered from inserting every random musician, athlete, and TV personality into their programming, making the celebrities look like superheroes while the actual talent loses bucketfuls of credibility in the process.

Think that's an overstatement? Well, let's take a look at just how poorly these things tend to work out.


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