10 Most Hated People Behind The Scenes In Wrestling

Backstage heat so hot Pitbull has almost certainly written a song about it.


Politics and professional wrestling have always been inexplicably intertwined, and that goes beyond Jesse Ventura becoming the Governor of Minnesota or future President Donald Trump taking a stunner from Stone Cold at WrestleMania 23. Unfortunately, politics are as linked to the business as elbow drops and dated stereotypes.

Because professional wrestling is a business after all, just like the action inside the ring, it pits its employers against each other for a few choice spots in the upper echelon of the roster, where the paydays are bigger and the merchandising deals are sweeter.

It's also a business that invites strong personalities and a whole lotta testosterone, which can make for a pretty volatile stew - a stew made from backstabbing, favoritism, and merciless hazing.

While there was once a time when the secrets of Who Hates Who in the locker room were kept between those inside the business, this modern age of the dirt sheets, drunk tweets, podcasts, and endless shoot interviews have ensured any fan has access to the gross underbelly of the wrestling industry.

And, after scouring those dirt sheets, drunk tweets, podcasts, and shoot interviews, it became clear that some wrestlers are hated a helluva lot more than others.

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