10 Most Heated Matches In WWE History

Louder is better.


A raucous crowd reception can elevate a basic wrestling match into something special.

This philosophy also works in inverse; look no further than WCW's dismal Road Wild Pay Per Views in the nineties for proof of that. Some of the matches, in terms of content at least, were very good indeed - but they were performed in front of fans who patently did not give a toss.

WWE events are largely lifeless affairs in 2016. This likely has something to do with there being next to no real dramatic stakes on its programming. Seth Rollins was more bothered about Chris Jericho's fashion choices than he was building a personal rivalry with his actual opponent, Kevin Owens in recent weeks. Their series - which culminated in the ultimate grudge feud battleground, Hell In A Cell - was predicated more so on banter than blood.

The apathetic reaction to their first match, at Clash Of Champions, was richly deserved. It had no stakes, no emotion - and as a direct consequence, it had no heat. WWE should study the same Network it constantly shills to its "Universe" - that way, they might remember how to transcend its creative malaise and, like these matches, give them something to shout about...


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