10 Most Heated WWE Crowd Reactions Ever

Euphoria and rage. Mostly rage; we are talking about wrestling fans.


Wrestling crowds are as criticised as the matches in 2017 - a natural consequence of their insistence on becoming part of the show.

They're almost invariably an obnoxious bunch. There used to be a time when, if fans weren't moved by the product, they would receive it with silence. That, sadly, is no longer always the case. The ever-present "CM Punk!" chants dogged even Seth Rollins earlier this year - a man who, it should be remembered, many wanted to supplant Roman Reigns as the chosen breakout babyface of the Shield faction. He was also stricken with a recurrence of a knee injury. He was a walking (well, hobbling) figure of sympathy, and a phenomenal in-ring talent. But he was still met with a callous reaction during what was meant to be a heart-wrenching moment.

This is a relatively modern phenomenon; as a result, much of this list is compromised of moments vocally rejected by this indulgent audience. The power is in their hands. Whether or not that is a healthy development is irrelevant. It's a matter of fact.

Reassuringly, the majority of it isn't. Those fans are so often impervious to manipulation, but are still easily manipulated; it just takes a master to conduct them.

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