10 Most Iconic WWE Survivor Series Images

5-on-5 on 35mm.


The Survivor Series is all about tradition. For the past thirty years, WWE has hosted ten-man mêlées as an appropriate way to pay thanks for the season's successful harvest, just as the first pilgrims did all the way back in 1621.

All Americans knows what Thanksgiving means, and Vince and co. have managed to capture the spirit every November since 1987. We've seen turkeys, patriotism, and plenty of ham, not to mention a well-loved parade of colourful, overblown characters.

And like all special occasions, there's also an album chock-a-block of the most memorable moments. This is it.

10. The Undertaker - Early American Badass - Survivor Series '93


Long before he was lazily motorcycling down to ringside as the possibly xenophobic and definitely abysmal 'American Badass', a spookier Undertaker was representing Ol' Glory at Survivor Series '93 on behalf of Lex Luger. Nothing says quiet dignity as a funeral director like having a massive American flag stitched into the lining of his cloak.

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