10 Most Important Off-Screen WWE Personnel

It's the suits, not the superstars, who mean the most.


Vince McMahon is, and always will be, the most important man in WWE - on or off-screen. The Chairman forgoes sleep and sanity to ensure that his tortuous tendrils are all over the business, micromanaging each and every aspect right down to the very words which come out of his employees mouths. He doesn't just run WWE; he is WWE.

Should the seemingly immortal Vincster ever pop his clogs, his daughter is waiting eagerly in the wings to fill them. Husband Paul Levesque is not far behind. WWE, for all its global reach and multi-million deals with shady governments, is at heart a family business. Which means the quickest way to the top is nepotism.

The trouble with nepotism is that it values blood over competence. Vince's pedigree speaks for itself, but the jury's still out on his heiress. Just as well, then, that the McMahon family has extended to include a massive army of suited execs hired to impart their expertise - and then agree with it when it's echoed back to them. You rarely hear about them, let alone see them, but these are the real superstars of WWE.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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