10 Most Important Off-Screen WWE Personnel

10. John Alicastro/Mike Lauri


Since the record lid on Jim Johnston's tenure as WWE's chief musician was quietly closed, John Alicastro and Mike Lauri - collectively known under the peculiar cognomen CF0$ - have assumed the mantle of the company's composers in residence.

Over the past few years, WWE have finally broken free of their emo-phase, and the never ending slew of interchangeable alt-rock whines have gradually been replaced with theme tunes you can actually remember. That's largely down to the efforts of Alicastro and Lauri, who got their break with the promotion after their track The Night was used as Raw 1000's official theme.

The duo have returned to first principles with their compositions, which emphasise character over chasing current trends, resulting in memorable bangers such as those for AJ Styles, Finn Bálor, Kevin Owens, and Rusev. Shinsuke Nakamura's belting theme even made #1 in the iTunes chart!

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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