10 Most Improved Wrestlers Of 2017

1. Braun Strowman


Step aside, Roman Reigns: Braun Strowman is 'The Guy.'

This was abundantly clear coming out of SummerSlam, when 'The Monster Among Men' shone in the night's blitzkrieg main event. Unfortunately, WWE pulled the trigger on his palpable chemistry with Brock Lesnar entirely too early. The duo contested a disappointingly brief Universal Title clash at No Mercy, and with Reigns set to face 'The Beast' at WrestleMania 34, Strowman will remain on the periphery.

This is a baffling decision, as Braun isn't just Raw's most popular wrestler, but one of the most natural stars in the company, despite his inexperience. It's easy to forget that Strowman has been doing this for less than three years. Slow, plodding, and dangerous, he was the worst kind of WWE 'big man' last year, but has now developed into a truly three-dimensional monster, and somebody who, if given the opportunity, could become the era-defining headliner WWE desperately want Reigns to be.

Braun deals in the spectacular. His wrestling style is as hard-hitting and impactful as you'd expect, and his shocking athleticism and natural charisma take everything to the next level. Sure, Strowman will never be a five-star worker, but he doesn't need to be. All WWE ask is that he plays a compelling monster, and at this rate, he's on course to become one of the greatest big men of all time.

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