10 Most Improved Wrestlers Of 2017

10. Alexa Bliss


There has never been anything wrong with Alexa Bliss' performances outside the ring. The current Raw Women's Champion has been one of WWE's most well defined personalities from the moment she first hit the main roster, with her microphone and character work several levels above even her most experienced peers. Her in-ring has always been lacking by comparison, however, and up until this year, the self-proclaimed 'Goddess Of WWE' visibly struggled to keep up with the likes of Becky Lynch on SmackDown.

While Bliss still has a long way to go, this side of her game has caught up considerably in 2017. She has become smoother and safer in her execution, a better bumper, and an altogether more convincing grappler. Alexa's ability to project her engaging arch-villainess persona into her matches has improved, too, making her a great foil for any babyface opponent.

Alexa must eliminate her inconsistencies before she can be placed among the division's elite (her Survivor Series bout with Charlotte Flair was particularly disappointing), but her improvements are palpable, and the majority of her year's worst moments have come through poor creative choices rather than her own flaws.


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