10 Most Improved Wrestlers On The Planet Today

9. Big E


Big E was once a mediocre pro wrestler in a gigantic body - just a functional product of Florida Championship Wrestling that performed a functional WWE Babyface (TM) power routine with a trademark disaster of an FCW finisher. Pushed as a result of his proportions, he held the Intercontinental Title when he was nowhere near ready to hold it, defending it against Curtis Axel at Survivor Series '13 in what was the most basic shine/heat/comeback/cut-off/comeback/finish match you're ever likely to see.

As part of the still-fabulous New Day stable, Big E has developed to such a considerable extent that Kenny Omega, and this is some commendation, believes him to be the biggest potential star WWE has on its books.

It's not hard to see why.

Big E transmits a genuinely fun sense of a charisma with his ar*e-slapping antics, but more than that, he elevates the traditional powerhouse move-set with a choice sense of innovation. He doesn't just perform a basic slam any more; he does so on the apron, sprinkling more little nuances across his performances to locate untapped resources of crowd-popping offence.

An agile, witty and very athletic performer, Big E is one of few in WWE to somehow transcend the repetitive grind.

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