10 Most Notorious Kevin Nash Urban Legends

10. He Was Genuinely Upset With The Rock Over Unscripted Line

The Legend: That Kevin Nash was furious with one of The Rock's ad-libbed lines directed towards him in a March 2002 promo. Why People Believe It: It was widely reported at the time that Nash took umbrage with The Great One calling him 'Big Daddy Bitch' during a promo on the nWo on Raw. Nash apparently felt as though his character would not have just stood there and took the insult and that he looked weak as a result. According to the Wrestling Observer, Nash then showed up to the following evening's Smackdown taping four hours late, in protest. How grown up of him. Once he got to the arena, he would whine to anyone who would listen (including Shane McMahon, Vince and The Rock himself) how it was unjust. Nash was clearly upset with The Rock, who may have taken the shot at him as a receipt for some shots that Nash had levelled his way in WCW. Is It True: Yes, by all accounts Nash was very upset with the unscripted remark, which is ironic when you consider just how much Nash went into business for himself during promos in WCW.
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