10 Most Offensive WWE Moments Ever

'That's Too Far!'


WWE's conversion to PG over the past decade has seen a gradual homogenisation of the product at large, with storylines erring on the side of caution in order to protect the company's valuable relationships with sponsors and television networks alike.

With the virtual eradication of pay-per-view revenue, greater emphasis has been placed on ensuring that as little as possible falls below the line of bad taste.

Whilst this leaves sections of the audience yearning for less-than-simpler times, it does remove the possibility of some heinous output from a company that at one point continually sought new lows. Over the years, WWE has been responsible for some of the most reprehensible content, taking on all manner of near-the-knuckle and cutting edge topics with all the subtlety of a brick in the face.

Jinder Mahal’s controversial 2017 title reign was at first guilty of trying to play a race card that simply wasn’t in the deck anymore. His recent promos on Shinsuke Nakamura have resulted in the ugliest game of can-you-top-this.

Hitting outmoded stereotypes, references and slurs following some utterly repellant rhetoric, WWE at long last brought some mainstream attention to their failing experiment, but only as the veneer for their race-baiting rather than - ironically enough - being an example of WWE’s broad-mindedness in the modern age.

Ignoring a potential celebration of diversity, the company instead fell back on empty offence and hollow hate speech. It wasn’t the first time, but hopefully the subsequent toxic reaction will make it the last.


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