10 Most Powerful Wrestlers In WWE Today

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger


Professional wrestling isn't real.

Not headline news, but important to remember when considering what makes a 'powerful' wrestler in the modern age.

Lots of recent talk about WWE having the 'strongest ever roster' comes as much from the (often misplaced) perception that a card full of competent wrestlers will forge the best overall product. The industry - particularly Vince McMahon's polished image of it - will always be more about presentation than proficiency. Power, either legitimate or manufactured - particularly Vince McMahon's polished image of it - will always rise to the top.

It's why Titus O'Neil can't buy a win on Monday Nights despite shifting 545lbs for 'fun'. Long before Kevin Nash lampooned wrestler gym culture with his "Whaddya bench Lex, whaddya bench?!" takedown in 1996, weightlifting gains and goals were as much to pop the boys as the audience. O'Neil's only as powerful as WWE allow him to be, and when the poor f*cker's Greatest Royal Rumble stumble is almost definitely the first clip filed for his next TitanTron video, he might as well have arms like Alice Cooper's at WrestleMania III, the good they'll do him.

Power's not just in the body, it's in the mind. Or in one extremely obvious case, both...


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