10 Most Shocking Upset Victories In WWE History

What are some of the company's best David vs. Goliath stories?


As we were reminded by Mustafa Ali pinning Daniel Bryan on a recent episode of SmackDown Live, shocking moments can happen in the world of wrestling.

Ali, who had debuted on SmackDown just one week before going over the champ, wasn't given a chance when he first arrived on the show. Now, with just one victory, Ali has got everyone talking and could be being positioned as a main event star.

But who pioneered the way for Ali's shocking win? Which underdogs took the fight to wrestlers deemed far superior? Who produced some of the most shocking defeats in the entire history of professional wrestling?

Big stars being beaten by new or even debuting wrestlers, former jobbers getting their one big win or huge title changes, the following ten upsets have gone down as some of the most unbelievable wins in WWE history.

Just don't get your hopes up too high for Mustafa yet, as most of these victories really didn't lead to much for these wrestlers. Let's all just cross our fingers that this doesn't happen to the new upstart.


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