10 Most Shocking Wrestling Betrayals

Broken glass, broken hearts.


On this week's episode of WWE RAW, months of simmering tension boiled over into one of the best segments WWE has produced in aeons.

It's too soon to state "ever" - but the Jeri-KO break up really did have everything. Chris Jericho was at his hammy, catchphrase-generating best as he presented Kevin Owens with an array of very funny and intimate gifts. The segment even found time to incorporate the return of Gillberg and a particularly hilarious addition to 'The List' - but even more so than the content, the tone was perfectly pitched.

Proceedings were breezy at first, but it soon became clear that a guilty Jericho was over-compensating - something which became heartbreakingly clear as he very plaintively conveyed to Owens that this run has been the most cherished of his career. When Owens revealed that he had added Jericho's name to The List Of KO he, in expert callbacks to betrayals carried out by Shawn Michaels and Jericho himself, smashed his head through the glass screen of a TV monitor. It was like the AJPW King's Road of sports entertainment.

Jericho's acting was unbearably sad, but he did not carry the segment entirely by himself. Owens' own use of body language was equally impeccable. When he looked up to the heavens after dropping Jericho with an apron powerbomb, exhaling, you could almost see months' worth of tension oozing out of him.

Time will tell if it will live as long in the memory as its spiritual predecessors...


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