10 Most Shocking WWE Mystery Revelations

Who sent Kevin Nash that text message? Kevin Nash, of course.


Kurt Angle's covert backstage phone calls have attracted more intrigue than almost any other WWE storyline this year, with last week's "I love you" sign-off prompting a plethora of fan theories as to the identity of the person on the other end of the line.

Speculation - that's the fun part. Problem is, we're all experienced enough to know how these mystery angles tend to play out. WWE spends weeks leading us down a blind alley before suddenly hitting us with a curve-ball nobody saw coming - and few really wanted.

In their efforts to go down a route nobody could have foreseen, the results are often far-fetched, kooky and, on occasion, just outright ridiculous. They just can't help themselves it seems.

Honestly, though, who can blame them? Fans these days are just too good at second-guessing their finely-laid plans, and the only way to truly shock a crowd is to do something they'd never, ever expect.

Admit it: you will be disappointed if Angle's mystery... angle ends with the Olympic medallist renewing acquaintances with Stephanie McMahon. We want to be fooled!