10 Most Tone-Deaf WWE Moments

Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Book No Good.


Barely a week has passed since Crown Jewel, and WWE are only too happy for all of us to have forgotten all about it.

With the exception of Shane McMahon cradling the World Cup trophy with the type of affection his Dad never showed him, all the explosive remnants from the most absurd show in company history were missing from the week's television output.

New Universal Champion Brock Lesnar was back on his bullsh*t as a near-permanent absentee, Braun Strowman was a sort-of unstoppable babyface again as if he hadn't been squashed (though his blown out knees told the tale), and Shawn Michaels having the last of his summer whines on WWE.com wasn't touched upon in the wake of his dead sh*t dead match with undead men.

Even Triple H's torn pectoral was saved mostly for social media. This is is a man who's gotten more out of being injured than most have by staying fit, but the fact it happened in Saudi Arabia meant he had to use the bruise to generate requisite shock and awe.

WWE switched back on after switching the f*ck off for the better part of a well-moneyed month. With Survivor Series on the horizon, they're at least not blind and deaf to the world around them, no matter how dumb the booking gets. It's bizarrely been one of their strengths in the past - they've rebounded from similar situations before...


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