10 Most Underrated Wrestlers In The World Today

Credit where credit's due, at long last.

Luke Harper

There're a lot of great wrestlers out there at the moment.

WWE's roster is absolutely stacked with talent, and while the company don't always make the best use of it, there's little doubt that their current talent pool is one of the strongest they've ever had, and their aggressive signing policy means it's only getting better. It's the same on wrestling's smaller stages too, where companies like NJPW, PROGRESS, and the US indies have access to a dizzying array of talent.

The ever-increasing influence of social media, video on-demand, and GIF culture means that it has never been so easy for those outwith WWE to make a name for themselves, allowing the likes of Kenny Omega to find a level of fame that may have been impossible a few years ago.

We're spoiled for choice at the moment, but while accessibility has never been higher, there are plenty of wrestlers out there who still aren't getting their due. Some are overshadowed by more eye-catching peers or hindered by lingering, years-old biases, while others ply their trade too far away from WWE for the wrestling mainstream to notice. Regardless, each is deserving of far greater praise than they currently receive.

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