10 Most Underrated WWE Smackdown Moments Of All Time

Forgotten gems from the blue team.

Alberto Del Rio Ricardo Rodriguez babyface Smackdown 2013

This Tuesday, Smackdown Live begins its second era as its own brand, and goes live full-time for the first time in its seventeen-year history. Since Smackdown began in 1999, it has produced some of the most memorable moments in company history.

Everybody remembers the time that in 2003 Brock Lesnar and Big Show imploded the ring after a colossal superplex, or when Edge cashed in the Money in the Bank briefcase on The Undertaker in 2007. And of course, there was the grocery store battle between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Booker T at the end of 2001. Who could forget that scene?

However, there are some really great moments in Smackdown history that seem to have flown under the radar. They rarely make the highlight reels, but they were nonetheless very important to WWE lore. Fans may have forgotten about these moments, but I haven't and, thanks to the WWE Network, I can revisit them all time and time again.

For your reading pleasure, here are the 10 most underrated Smackdown moments of all time.


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