10 Most Underrated WWE Smackdown Moments Of All Time

10. MVP Beats The Big Show


After getting a big push upon his debut on Smackdown in late 2006, MVP found himself in the WWE doghouse by making light of his Wellness Policy drug test. As part of being in the doghouse, MVP was given a well-publicised losing streak throughout much of 2008.

Ever the good soldier, MVP took everything that was given to him, and lost every match like a professional. Finally, when the powers that be decided that MVP's losing streak was to end, it happened in a big way.

MVP had to face The Big Show in a Last Man Standing match, and at stake was Triple H's spot in the 2009 Royal Rumble. Because MVP hadn't won a match in forever, and because a Last Man Standing match against Big Show was such a daunting task, it seemed like the deck was well and truly stacked against Montel.

For the entire match, MVP took everything that Big Show threw at him, and kept coming back up, earning the respect of the crowd, and turning babyface in the process. Yes, it took Triple H's interference with a sledgehammer for MVP to actually win the match, but when the referee finally counted Big Show down, the crowd exploded, mostly because they were happy MVP finally won a match, and the fact that Triple H was now in the Royal Rumble was a moot point.

Unfortunately, the MVP babyface push was wasted when he was drafted to Raw later in the year, but for one night, WWE had made a new star.


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