10 Most Vicious WWE Grudge Matches Ever

It's enough to make bad blood boil.

stone cold steve austin vince mcmahon

The personal feud between two or more wrestlers is the cornerstone of the pro wrestling narrative. Sure, there are other storylines available to tell, different angles to come from: but given that not everyone can hold a title, it makes sense to have a storytelling imperative that isn't just based on achievement, advancement or the love of competition.

That storytelling imperative has, for decades and decades, revolved around the pro wrestling truism that if two people have a personality conflict, a beef or are otherwise at odds, the matter is best settled by having a sanctioned and regulated wrestling match.

Whatever the case, the classic grudge match is one of the most exciting things that wrestling can offer. Even more so than a high stakes battle for the company's top title, a vicious, ugly feud between two people who loathe each other is big fight material.

In order to qualify here, the feud must be personal, it must be nasty and it must culminate in a match that follows through on the great sweeping emotions at play...


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