10 Must-See WWE Dark Matches

The most intriguing WWE matches, NOT on television.

The definition of a dark match is a match that's taped but does not air on television, these usually occur before and after a TV taping. An after taping dark match is usually an extension of the main event, primarily intended to send the fans home happy with the good guys almost always coming out victorious. Pre-tape dark matches are usually much more interesting as they often feature talent from developmental, or unsigned talent in tryout matches to test crowd reactions, or to see if the wrestler can handle the pressure of huge live audiences. We'll be focusing on the latter for this article. Dark matches aren't worth watching for the wrestling content itself, they usually consist of 5-8 minutes with mostly basic wrestling moves and are typically quite bland. However, they provide an intriguing view into the world of wrestling development and creative. They let you see established talent before they ever received their main roster debuts, while also giving an insight into who management were considering for a contract or trying to hire but ultimately didn't, for one reason or another. In exploration in this curious world of secret wrestling, we've dug into the archive for any dark matches that could entertain, appeal or inform. Here's ten must-see WWE dark matches.
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