10 New Directions For WWE After Hell In A Cell 2018

AJ Styles: WWE Champion. Not for long...

Paul Heyman Mick Foley

Before Hell In A Cell, did anyone predict (with 100% accuracy) that Brock Lesnar would mimic Kane in '97 by booting the Cell door clean off its hinges, Ronda Rousey would take 12 minutes to dismantle Alexa Bliss in their rematch or that Paul Heyman would mace Mick Foley right in the face?

There's only one direction ol' Mick is going in, and that's right to the optometrist to get those peepers checked.

Seriously though, HIAC was a solid show, one that defied typical WWE planning around this time of year. Usually, the E are more concerned with rushing stories through so they can focus on Survivor Series' flat out crap 'Brand Warfare' nonsense, but they have the not-so-small matters of a stadium show in Australia and the first ever all-female pay-per-view to come before November's Raw vs. SmackDown snorefest lands.

That means Survivors has been put on the back burner, and with good reason. In the short-term, WWE have a few new avenues to explore and some unfinished business to tie up before the final 'Big Four' show of the year. Hell In A Cell was a bit of watershed in more ways than one.

Here's what's changing post-Sunday...


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