10 New Directions For WWE After Hell In A Cell 2018

10. The New Cell

Hell In A Cell 2018

First and foremost, how bloody dare they?

How dare WWE grab a nearby spray gun and splash gaudy red paint all over Hell in a Cell's monochrome brilliance. That seems to be the prevailing thought of many on social media; WWE, they claim, are either morons for green-lighting this paint job or idiots for 'ripping off' TNA's old Asylum cage.

The truth is, who cares? Personally, this writer actually kinda' liked it after the initial shock factor had worn off. An entire generation of wrestling fans grew up with a bright blue steel cage in the '80s-'90s anyway, so it's hardly the biggest of deals. This was merely WWE's way of marking the 10th annual HIAC pay-per-view, and nothing more.

Also, people seem to be forgetting that WWE are still a PG company. This new red Cell will enable them to conveniently release tie-in toy play set packages in time for Christmas, and it'll be the usual smash hit with kids.

Get used to it, because that red cell is the future.


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