10 New WWE Directions For Shinsuke Nakamura

Ten potential avenues for the King of Strong Style to explore after SummerSlam.


I think we can agree that we're all quite relieved about Shinsuke Nakamura. The former NJPW megastar exploded into WWE with a bang, delivering a barn-burner of a debut match alongside Sami Zayn - but things haven't quite reached those heights ever since.

Shinsuke was portrayed as a dangerous - but not infallible - force in NXT, winning (and losing) the championship from Samoa Joe, before being sent to the main roster after a pair of defeats to Bobby Roode. Since debuting on SmackDown, however, things haven't been quite as impressive...

Accused of 'phoning it in' after uninspiring feuds with Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbin, Nakamura looked a far cry from his excellent NXT days - although whether that was the fault of Shinsuke himself, or whether he was hamstrung by WWE's stricter main roster style remains debatable.

However, Nakamura looks to have recently turned a corner. Yes, his Battleground match with Corbin was clunky and poor, but his recent number one contender's showdown with John Cena has breathed new life into his WWE career.

Now the number one contender to Jinder Mahal's WWE Championship, it's time to take a look at what lies in store for the King of Strong Style.

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