10 New Year's Resolutions For Wrestling Fans In 2018

It's time to ask yourself why you enjoy pro wrestling...

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Ah, it's here again. That time of the year when well-meaning people start their January gym memberships all over again and promise a 'fresh start'. This will be their year, and they'll own 2018 like never before. Then, February will come around, gyms will empty and the only exercise being done will involve the movement of jaws spewing the same pledge for 2019.

The wrestling industry works largely the same. At the dawn of a new year, wish lists are drawn up looking at what WWE can do to improve their product. Fans wax lyrical about what WWE's resolutions should be. Few people take time to look inwardly, seeing what they can change and how they can go about getting the most from the next 12 months.

Change your own habits and 2018 could be excellent. After all, there's so much to see, do and enjoy when it comes to wrestling. So, if you're struggling to knock up your own list of goals and new year's resolutions, we have you covered...

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