10 Next Big Things Currently On WWE's Books

Plenty of new faces, as well as some familiar ones, who could soon be big stars in the company.


Having splashed out $2.3 million on a state of the art Performance Center back in July of 2013, WWE would likely have been hoping to have a few “next big things” on its books by now.

Thankfully, for the company's sake, that seems to be the case. Though there’s always the debate as to how many of those prospects are homegrown talents, and how many arrived in the company as the finished article having already honed their craft on the independent circuit.

Still, details aside, there are a number of potential future stars in the company’s developmental ranks, from well-versed workers with years in the business to totally fresh faces still cutting their teeth.

Now, obviously there are those you might label the “next big thing” who are already well-established on NXT television, but for today you can forget about your Bobby Roodes, your Roderick Strongs, or even your Aleister Blacks. Here, we’re focusing on the guys and girls who have either yet to fully establish themselves on NXT or, in some cases, are yet to even wrestle their first match for the brand.

Oh, and as fair warning, there will be Mae Young Classic spoilers!


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