10 No-Win WWE Situations

The only way is down.


From the outside looking in, booking a wrestling show seems pretty straightforward. You just need to identify which guys the crowd like and don't like, and have them do face and heel things respectively. Throw in a few gags about Fruity Pebbles, and you're good to go.

Watch WWE for over a period of two or three weeks, however, and your impression might change. The company is forever booking itself into a corner, making matches and storylines from which there is no possible outcome that wouldn't risk upsetting a large section of the fanbase.

In a way, we're as much to blame for this sorry state of affairs as they are. Many of us actually derive a perverse sense of pleasure from complaining about WWE decisions - even when they decide to do exactly the thing that we were screaming for a couple of years earlier. In this climate, it's little wonder that Vince McMahon and co keep finding themselves in situations like these.

They're damned if they do, and damned if they don't (and in the case of the chairman, they're damned anyway - we've all seen Backlash 2006).

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