10 Non-Wrestlers AEW Should Sign

The big names are All In... the back.

Cody Rhodes AEW

The best thing about AEW is that it's allowed us all the dream again. Not about toppling Vince or global domination of the wrestling business, but all the fun stuff that comes around when the company in question isn't so strictly tied to long-standing business practices. Like, oh, top of my head here, hiring all its backstage staff.

In WWE we know exactly how that'll work, we know what hiring policies they stick to and we know the sort of people they'll try and fill positions with but, in AEW, anything's possible. They can scour the entire industry (and beyond) for the right people to bring new ideas to the table, forgoing whatever favour they're allegedly supposed to carry within the company.

And let's not mess about, for all the names AEW need to add to the front of the show, the names they need to add to the back are arguably even more important. Wrestling shows and, by extension, wrestling companies live and die by what happens behind the curtain and thankfully the company have the financial capital to put almost anybody in that position...

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