10 On-Screen WWE Couples That Had No Chemistry

Many WWE couples have been missing that most vital ingredient.


For whatever reason, most likely due to the whole 'fictional soap-opera' thing, World Wrestling Entertainment just loves putting two individuals together in an on-screen relationship. It is understandable: if you're going to attempt to give the impression of a 'Universe' then what is a universe without love?

Wrestling and romance go back a long way, with many memorable couples stealing our hearts over the years. 'Macho Man' Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth stand out, as do Eddie Guerrero and Chyna, Edge and Vickie Guerrero, and Billy Gunn and Torrie Wilson.

Wait, what? Billy Gunn and Torrie Wilson? Yeah, sometimes WWE has a hair-brained scheme to put two people together only for them to flounder completely on-screen. Hard work can certainly go a long way to improving in-ring ability or even promo work, but chemistry between two human beings is something that simply can't be taught.

WWE has failed to learn this over the years, and as a result the history of WWE romance is littered with couples that lacked that most vital of romantic ingredients. Here are 10 WWE on-screen couples that had a grand total of zero chemistry.


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