10 Pleasant Surprises For Wrestling Fans In 2017

10. The Authors Of Pain

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A challenging duo to adjust to in the wake of American Alpha and The Revival's reinvention of tag team wrestling in NXT, The Authors Of Pain were one of the acts to visibly develop on the Developmental Brand.

WWE fans had reason to be cautious upon Akam and Rezar's arrival. Throughout much of the 2000s right up until the Full Sail/Performance Center operation commenced, audiences were effectively drilled into not getting too used to a good thing. Recent storylines involving The Nexus, CM Punk's 'Pipe Bomb' and even Daniel Bryan's darkest days before the dawn had left viewers with Stockholm Syndrome. NXT was the first product to consistently deliver exactly what a core section of the audience desperately craved, with the 2014-16 golden generation already confined to nostalgia thanks to mixed fortunes on the main roster.

But the new giants on the scene weren't content to leapfrog their rivals on size alone. The Authors got better, and better and better, to the point where their TakeOver: San Antonio Tag Team Title victory over #DIY didn't feel remotely out of place. Key components in arguably NXT's best matches of the year since, the duo have electrified in triple threats, ladder matches and the uniquely booked WarGames extravaganza.


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