10 Most Popular WWE Superstars On Wikipedia

Which WWE superstars have fans who can't help but update their info the most?

Wikipedia has became one of the go-to places on the internet for finding out about things, and new research shows that WWE is one of the very most popular wiki subjects. FiveThirtyEight.com revealed in their list of the '100 most edited articles on wikipedia' that WWE was one of the most consistently edited subjects in the entire wiki universe. That's a pretty encouraging sign for WWE, it tells us just how popular the company really is. In fact, out of the entire top 100, a WWE entry was number 2 on the list, with only former US President George W Bush ranking higher. That's pretty staggering when you consider people are having more interest in editing WWE content than any other mainstream cult interests. This latest WhatCulture.com list will analyse WWE superstar appearances on Wikipedia's Top 100 Edit list, we will reveal the number of editorial revisions that have taken place on the subject, and analyse why they have proved such a hot topic on the site.

Honourable Mentions

Outside of the top 100 entries and as such just outside of our top ten is Rey Mysterio, Kurt Angle, CM Punk and Shawn Michaels. The Mysterio page has been edited 13,255 times, Angle 12,491 times, Punk 11,430 and Michaels 11,386. It's a little surprising to see Punk as such an outsider on this list, he has been one of the very biggest stars of the last few years, and particularly this year has enjoyed a mammoth amount of internet traffic around his name. His career has been full of incident and you might have expected wikipedia documentation to be busy on that editing side. As for Mysterio, Angle and Michaels, they're three of the most famous wrestling names ever, their ranking sounds about right for the elite careers they have enjoyed over multiple decades.
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