10 Potential Megastars That Never Recovered From WWE Burials

10. Scott Steiner


A weak non-finish in his debut match and a loss in the rematch against the worst incarnation of Triple H weren't going to be the glorious moments to anoint Scott Steiner as the second coming of Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock combined, but 'The Game' and his top level cronies already knew it was the beginning of the end for 'Big Poppa Pump'.

In like a lion and out like a lamb, Steiner was a footnote at the 2003 Survivor Series, exactly a year on from his explosive Madison Square Garden debut a year earlier. Admittedly, unexpected physical setbacks had limited how involved he could be in the early days of his run with the organisation, but such roadblocks have been skipped over for talents the company cared enough about to preserve.

Following the disastrous programme with 'The Game', Steiner was one of the scant few on the entire roster to miss WrestleMania 19, then found himself programmed against and with fellow midcard floater Test for almost the entire year following his return to television. Incapable of looking like a star after such a damning deconstruction, he sat out the remainder of his two year deal after a final appearance in the 2004 Royal Rumble, and never again reached the World Championship pinnacle he'd effortless ascended to in WCW.


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