10 Raw Moments WWE Wants You To Forget

Twenty-five years of cringe.


The curtain on WWE's edgy TV-14 era was drawn nearly 10 years ago, taking with it a whole host of crass and tasteless Monday Night Raw moments that Vince McMahon and his famously jittery sponsors would probably rather we never brought up again.

Unfortunately, anything stupid enough for WWE to purge from its history books is also stupid enough for fans to commit to memory, and thanks to the internet, these days much of it is just a few clicks away (and also available on the Network, which is often surprisingly unfiltered).

In a way, as we march towards Raw's 25th birthday, it's probably a good thing that segments and storylines such as these are remembered. Some of them are kind of funny, others worrying and a couple desperately tragic - but, within all of them, there are important lessons to be learned by everyone.

For WWE, however, the pertinent lessons are probably going to be learned privately - which is to say that none of these moments are likely to appear on the nostalgic "best of" compilations we can expect to see on 22 January.

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