10 Reasons CM Punk Is A Crybaby Little Bitch

10. WWE Made CM Punk Incredibly Wealthy

In terms of merchandise offered by the company, CM Punk outsold John Cena for two years. To put that into terms that people can understand, it's rumored that John Cena sold one million units of merchandise in 2013 alone. Now lets consider that CM Punk eclipsed that number. Given that WWE stars earn roughly 20% from merchandise sales alone, he earned somewhere in the neighbourhood of well over five million dollars for just sales of t-shirts, teddy bears, arm sleeves, framed pictures and action figures. As well, Punk's salary was rumoured to be in the $3 million base range for 2013, too. Thus, that's income of $8 million, and this doesn't include video game and DVD royalties. Oh, and let's not forget pay-per-view main event bonuses either (for a year in which he was WWE champion). Thus, it's entirely possible to presume that CM Punk made $10 million from WWE in 2013. WWE is currently losing revenue hand over fist, and here's CM Punk angry that $10 million isn't all he deserves!
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