10 Reasons Randy Orton Is "Mr. Survivor Series"

The annual November PPV is the 'Apex Predator's yard.


Some shows are synonymous with certain competitors. We all know of Shawn Michaels' moniker "Mr. WrestleMania," and The Undertaker likewise is tied with that show above others. CM Punk defined his legacy with the Money in the Bank PPV in 2011, and Hulk Hogan and Brock Lesnar have made a slew of memorable SummerSlam performances. Meanwhile, with his three victories in the titular match, it's arguable that Steve Austin is "Mr. Royal Rumble."

Survivor Series, meanwhile, has struggled for an identifiable face or theme. However, one man has managed to carve out a legacy for himself in the last decade and a half as the de facto face of the annual November PPV. That man is Randy Orton, and through traditional Survivor Series tag matches, or world title defenses, the 'Viper' has not been short on spectacular or memorable appearances at the show.

In the event you're not looking forward to this year's Survivor Series men's tag match, read this list, and then you'll ask yourself "Oh wow, I wonder what cool thing Randy Orton will do this year?"

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