10 Reasons Why DDP Was The Original People’s Champ Of Wrestling

Throw up the "Self High Five" and feel the BANG with a Diamond in the rough.


In the sport of pro wrestling, The Rock will forever be recognised as “The People’s Champ” in WWE’s slanted version of history; however, for fans of WCW, there’s only one man that can stake a claim for that title.

Simply put, Diamond Dallas Page was the living embodiment of WCW. Having been there from 1991 until the company closed its doors in 2001, DDP saw it all; from the unparallelled highs of ratings supremacy to the extreme lows of eventual closure and sale to the competition.

In a career that spanned almost the entirety of the company’s existence, DDP grew from non-wrestling performer to World Heavyweight Champion before the fans’ very eyes. His in-ring work got better and better and his fanbase grew and grew in the process, making him a true champion of the people.

A deserving WWE Hall of Famer, Diamond Dallas Page showed the world that he truly loved professional wrestling and the fans loved him right back for it. In a mutual relationship of gratitude, DDP was the original “People’s Champ” of wrestling and look no further than the following pages for proof of just why.


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