10 Reasons Why John Cena’s WWE Legacy Is Disastrous

His time is Then. Now. Forever.


John Cena is reliving 2012 all over again.

The Champ is apparently in the midst of a confidence crisis, so much so that he is deeply concerned about making it to WrestleMania even though, as a "free agent", he is the one WWE performer considered indispensable. If a career downswing manifests as a major WrestleMania match opposite The Undertaker, Zack Ryder might as well roll himself off the stage. In contrast to 2012, however, in which he moaned constantly about The Rock leaving WWE to go to Hollywood, he is leaving WWE go to Hollywood. And, much like The Rock, his early CV is smeared in dreck.

'Blockers', due for release later this year, sees Cena c*ck-block the next generation, a role for which he has spent the previous decade locked in intense method study. Gauging by the puerile trailer, it appears as if Vince McMahon himself scripted it. It looks awful. In the animated 'Ferdinand', Cena played a clumsy bull so unaware of his own strength that he posed a danger to his colleagues. Since Hollywood is intent on typecasting the man, expect him to next turn up in a reboot of The Vanishing. Though his chances of lasting success aren't yet clear, John Cena is in the process of leaving WWE.

WWE, unfortunately, can never leave Cena behind...

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