10 Reasons Why The Miz Is A Future WWE Hall Of Famer

Why 'the awesome one' will get his hands on a Hall Of Fame ring.


The Miz is experiencing something of a career renaissance at the moment. He is the current WWE Intercontinental Champion, and has been for over 170 days at this point. Miz has been a man transformed since the night after WrestleMania, when his off-screen wife Maryse joined him on TV for the first time and he captured the belt from the hapless Zack Ryder.

Since that point he has been on-fire, increasing his standing in WWE to it's highest point in many years in the process. Hell, he even seems to be getting praise from sections of the fanbase that previously would've recoiled in disgust at his very name, so that's a victory in and of itself. Despite all his good work recently, though, Miz isn't someone many would put in the upper echelon of WWE superstars.

He still has his detractors and there are many who would love to see the 'Never-Ending Miz Intercontinental Championship World Tour' end ASAP. Whether it's his brash attitude, or reality TV show past, or perceived inadequacies in the squared circle, Miz has always been quite a divisive character.

The aim of this article, then, will be to show why it is our belief that The Miz will one day be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame, despite the fact that no one can seem to agree on whether he's the most natural heel on the roster, or a sub-par wrestler who has coasted on minimal talent for far too long. Read on...


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