10 Reasons Why Vince McMahon Will NEVER Shake Off The WWE ‘Stigma’

9. Here Come The Ghouls


Rarely without the funds to protect himself from the damage of absurd decisions, McMahon subsequently can't help himself making them. His rampant success within WWE has given him similar free reign to establish a corporate culture that seems almost entirely detached from how a 'normal' organisation would need to be structured.

In Titan Tower, McMahon is surrounded by loyal acolytes including his own children. Stephanie McMahon may have started life as a secretary answering the phones, but there was little justification to channel her into the creative process in the early 2000s. And even less to rationalise keeping her there after so many stories suffered under her stewardship.

Tasked with keeping relations sweet between wrestlers, McMahon has instead delegated the powers unofficially to locker room leaders - those stars or long-tenured talents that marshal the dressing room under a code of unwritten laws. Just this year, more bullying allegations were levied towards JBL following years of hearsay about the Texan's maltreatment of his colleagues right under the noses of his superiors. Business norms such as incredibly harsh ribbing and 'Wrestler's Court' simply wouldn't fly in other worlds, and ironically it's Vince himself that often looks the least able to detach himself from the system he helped cultivate.


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